Our Landmark Building


The architectural gem that houses Heavenly Rest is perhaps our most glorious asset. An estimated 15,000 annual visitors (besides those who come for worship or school business) may enter Heavenly Rest to pray, meditate, or simply admire our architecture. Our doors stand open to the public every day. The towering design of the limestone-clad church is Gothic in inspiration, but a strikingly modern interpretation: Its pointed arches echo the energy of skyscraper Manhattan, distinctively informed with a Art Deco aesthetic. Inside, the two styles combine to create a reverent interior space in which — thanks to modern engineering — every part of the church is visible to all who enter the church. The focus of the interior is the altar, with a simple yet soaring carved reredos featuring a massive empty cross surmounted by the risen Christ. This serene setting is sparingly adorned with meaningful symbols, from the metal grapevines of the glass narthex doors (symbolizing Christ as the true vine) to the Baptistery’s enameled mosaics of flowing waters (symbolizing the renewal of life through the power of God’s Holy Spirit). In the chancel, the choir stalls’ polychrome carvings of Tudor roses and Scottish thistles symbolize the roots of the Episcopal Church in America, while the vaulted ceiling is painted with stars to represent Heaven.