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Stained Glass Windows

Thanks to our low-rise neighbors, sunlight still illuminates our glorious stained-glass windows, created in an Art & Crafts style by the famous English glassworks Whitefriars Ltd. Those on the north and south sides of the nave present the principal events of the Christian year; a rose window glows above the reredos, while a tall arched West Window pours in jewel-toned light over the church entrance. Next to the nave, the Chapel of the Beloved Disciple displays important memorial tablets moved from that congregation’s earlier building. Its Spanish-inspired decoration lends a sense of coziness, and color, to this smaller worship space. Stenciled ceiling beams and walls (note the fleurs-de-lis, a symbol of Mary and the Holy Trinity) are complemented by a stone reredos faced with enameled mosaics bearing the image of Christ flanked by the Virgin Mary and John, the Beloved Disciple.